Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"do you respect me?"

Yesterday I'm waiting for the 37 bus to take me out to Alki, I was bored so I kept walking and ended up on 2nd and University, I had stopped because a woman was lacing up another woman's corset on the street and this odd sight seemed like a good enough reason to stop for a while.

While standing on the corner I was checking the bus time on my phone when I see two thuggish ruggish bone looking guys approaching, I drop my phone back in my pocket and resume waiting. One walks by me, goes and stands about 15 feet away, the other stops directly in front of me and drops a coke he was carrying at my feet. He then tells me to pick up his coke. I say "no." He then proceeds to ask me if I respect him, he shows me some of his ink, namely the one of a coffin with numbers on it, I'm assuming he didn't want my artistic opinion on them. Then again he says that I should pick up his coke out of respect. I tell him that I don't know him. It goes on like this.

All I know is that when someone like this guys asks you to bend down to pick up something for them, you don't do it. Eventually as he inched closer to me I the my hands up and said "I'm walking away" and I walked away.

I don't know if he picked his coke back up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

YLD: wrapped

Photo by Matt Daniels

Here's Rider Strong. He was kind enough to come out and shoot with us for a couple days.